Hamitech computer Centre limited is a private company providing an innovation and hands-on-skill practice to community with limited ICT skills as well as business entrepreneurship skill for starters after drop-out of school to job market. We have a team of qualified and experienced IT professional, committed and determined to deliver high-quality and innovative professional ICT skills and service to the community. Our main activities include training the community schools and youth with ICT skills, as well as teachers on how to incorporate various technology tools such as the interactive white board, projectors among others into their instruction, and promote ICT practical teaching for sustainable development, as well as entrepreneurship necessary to create positive change to solve critically thinking problems, thus, to contribute to the advancement of the global community. We are located at Bombo 21 Opposite Bombo Health Training Hall next to Nakatonya Health Centre III, Kampala Gulu-highway.

We offer unique learning experience for community and youth in primary and secondary schools. The skills include but not limited to the following; ICT Soft Skills (Computer Literacy)  to Community and Youth, Website Design and Development, Computer Repair & Maintenance, Business Software Development and Installation, Mobile Applications Development, Computer Networking Services, Sales and Business Entrepreneur Skills, IT Support Services, Data Management and Interpersonal Skills, Project Management and Development Skills, Digital Photography, Industrial Training Skills (Internship) among others. Students learn the ICT skills they need and strive to continue to reach their goals as they move forward into the future. This helps them to prepare for a lifelong career as well as for future success, social responsibility and entrepreneurship necessary to create positive change. As more and more jobs require technology, it is important that students understand how to use ICT skills in a variety of ways. Hopson, Simms and Knezek (200I) stated, the advent of the Information age has made the development of problem solving, critical thinking, and higher-order thinking skills crucial to future success. In today’s world, more and more emphasis is placed on ICT skills. Almost every career requires the use of some form of ICT skills that must be learned and be used correctly by the employee.

Empowerment in ICT Skills Making Use of Technology Tools. Many teachers and educators feel overwhelmed by technology today, or would like to use it more, but don’t know how or where to start. This practical and skills-based one-week course is aimed at those who would like to further develop their ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills and make use of various Web 2.0 Technology tools and programmes