Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has contributed immensely to social and economic improvements, such as higher employment and productivity, increasing access to a higher quality of life of the individual and the society at large. The spread of the Internet, social media and mobile apps has profoundly changed our modern society, creating new ways to start and run a business or find a job. ICTs are promising avenues for addressing Communities and youth’s unemployment. Training Communities and Youths to use Digital ICTs are seen as ways to acquire skills in Job market and to provide new ways for potential employers to connect with each other. Changing our daily lives, from letter to email, market shopping to online shopping, classroom learning to e-learning is very important.  The majority of unemployed young people in Uganda lack basic skills and cannot do the things that have fueled the use of technology and the internet. I have worked in my community as a young IT graduate, I have met many communities and Youth’s people in schools, universities and institutions who have never had a chance to use a computer or the Internet. Most of them are young people who have always thought of IT as something for the rich and have never tried to learn digital ICT skills. Therefore, promoting Digital skills within the communities and youths with limited ICT practice after dropping out of school with no hope of finding employment is paramount.

This challenge puts all of us in who have had a chance to learn any Digital ICT skills and have spare time to go out into our communities to work as an intermediary to motivate, inspire, guide and otherwise provide an opportunity for these groups of young people and communities to learn and develop digital ICT skills. I believe that peer training is essential in helping people overcome the skills gap. This works best when communities teach their own communities to inspire and connect more people. The beauty of technology, for me, is that it allows people to meet, and the more people there are to solve problems between individuals or between communities. Perhaps we cannot change the entire world, but we can change our share of the community.

Networking Solutions

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